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Why enterprise blockchain?

Distributed ledger technology is going far beyond cryptocurrencies and ICOs now.

Implementation of the blockchain solution can enhance your business structure while providing more scalable and cost effective work. It helps to operate numerous processes and protect your information flow.


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    Our approach

    If you are ready to take your enterprise to the next level, our team is willing to help. We will work out a completely new solution for your business as a partner or design and implement your project idea together with your team.

    With us you will get:

    Project support service

    Implementation of new services can be challenging, so in Revoo we support you from the ideation stage til the full blockchain adaptation into your systems.


    To make our work clear we provide you with accurate timeline, budgeting and inform you about existing risks and opportunities.

    Innovative solutions

    Our team keeps up with all novelties and quickly adapts to changes in order to offer you the best from the market.

    Team of high-qualified experts

    Your project will be driven by the team of 25+ blockchain experts with extensive and certified knowledge.

    Enterprise blockchain benefits

    • Reliability and transparency

      All transactions are visible and permanently register. Lower level of bureaucracy lead to clear and concise workflow.

    • Security

      The blockchain ecosystem is highly resistant to hacking invasions. Moreover, all transactions are secured with private keys.

    • Decentralization

      Data is shared between thousands of nodes which leads to higher security and makes data loss impossible.

    • Cost-saving

      Blockchain-based platforms require less maintenance costs because of decentralization and low level of human involvement.

    • Automation

      Operation process goes much faster due to lack of invasion from intermediaries which leads to positive ROIs.


    for our clients?

    In our collaboration with OMOMO, a sophisticated TradeFi platform for trading, we have triumphantly developed, introduced, and launched a mechanism for limit orders. Building on this achievement, the next stage of our partnership involved the development and integration of leverage trading.

    EverDues is an innovative protocol allowing users to manage subscriptions via cryptocurrency. It facilitates the creation of subscriptions which can then be paid for using digital assets.

    Everstake, established by engineers in 2018, stands as a reputable validator trusted by over 625,000 users across more than 70 blockchain networks. Operating as a self-sustained, profitable enterprise, it employs over 125 individuals and manages over 8,000 nodes.

    How does it work?

    Clarifying needs

    List of high-level requirements
    Project size assessment
    Workshop proposal

    Starategy and concept workshop

    Document features and requirements for project plan with risks, budgeting and release strategy
    Proposal development, SOW

    Design and development

    Product ready for production deployment
    Documentation describing product features
    Technical documentation
    Release plan

    Launch and support

    Product launch in production environment
    Support and maintenance process
    Dedicated/extended team proposal

    From conducting a security audit to the development of all types software and UI/UX design. With Revoo you will benefit from a productive team which is focused on your startup growth.

    Where to use?

    • Healthcare

      • Transparent and controlled pharmaceutical supply chain
      • Loss and document falsification exclusion
      • Quick patient data access and verification
    • Banking

      • Identity proof
      • Making transaction without third parties involvement
      • International financial transaction costs reduction
      • Counterparties verification without intermediaries engagement
    • Logistic and supply chain

      • Transaction time reduction with automate payments
      • Simple control and coordination of a document flow
      • Faster custom clearance process
    • Commodity market

      • Prevention of data loss and falsification
      • Timely payouts
      • Fully controlled supply chain management
    • Gaming

      • Anonymity of users
      • Instant transactions
      • Results and users’ credibility verification
    • Agriculture

      • Product authenticity verification
      • Quicker and cost-efficient transactions without intermediaries using smart contracts solution
      • Greater visibility of supply chain
    • Governance and voting

      • Falsification and fraudulent exclusion during election process
      • Highest level of accountability
      • Ability to vote from anywhere
    • Insurance

      • Faster claims and data processing
      • Accurate and verifiable client’s data
      • Faster and automated agreement settling

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